Scam Proof will show you how to avoid internet scams so you can keep your money safe. Read more

What is Scam Proof?

Scam Proof is a website that contains information on the different scam types that Filipinos should be aware of in order to avoid falling victim to them.

It also contains security advisories and tips from financial institutions, and allows readers to submit scams that they have encountered.

What is the objective of Scam Proof?

Scam Proof aims to educate Filipinos on the different kinds of scams that they might encounter, including how to identify that the communication (SMS, email or other type) is a scam.

With this information, people will be better able to keep themselves and their money safe from scammers and fraudsters.

Who is behind Scam Proof?

Scam Proof is an effort from companies in different industries, including the banking and marketing industries.

How do I use Scam Proof?

You can read through the different types of scams to learn how they’re done and what to look for so you can avoid them if you encounter them. Each type has several examples to better show you how they might be done.

You can also see the resource articles section to view tips for staying safe online.

How do I share a scam on Scam Proof?

Click on the Share a Scam Case button at the top of the page so you can send a screenshot of a scam that you encountered or saw. Scam Proof may showcase what you shared.

Can Scam Proof tell me if the text or email I received is legitimate or a scam?

To verify the authenticity of a communication, please contact the company that supposedly sent it via any of its official channels. Never click on any links or visit any websites that are within the communication.

How do I contact Scam Proof?

Please send us an email at