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Anyone can buy and run ads on search engines for any keyword. You just pay for it to show up on top of the result page. This makes it very easy for scammers to use search engine ads to imitate brands or companies, especially banks, and mislead customers to click.

When you click these fake ads, you are redirected to phishing or fake websites that are intended to steal your information, identity, and money. Scammers even make an effort to copy how legitimate websites look like, so you give away your personal and financial information without thinking twice.

With the collected information, scammers can hack into and take over your mobile banking or social media accounts, and make transactions without your consent.

Stay safe online. When you search for a brand, bank, company, or any type of keyword, don’t just click on the first ad that comes up on the result page. Here’s how to verify if an ad is legit:

  1. Click the (icon) beside the URL.

  2. Make sure that the advertiser shows the trade name of the brand

Remember, with the right knowledge on how online fraud works, you can browse the web safely and stay ahead of scammers.

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