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This when you are instructed to send a message to activate a SIM upgrade by a scammer pretending to be a representative from your mobile network provider. The instruction will also ask you to share your One-Time Password (OTP) or PIN.

If you send the message and share your OTP or PIN, you will lose access to your mobile network. The scammer will take over your mobile number, and receive all incoming messages and calls, and your OTPs for banking transactions.

Don’t be a SIM Swap Scam victim

If you are contacted for a SIM Swap, always verify the authenticity of the call through your mobile network provider’s official channels and never share any information.


How this could happen

1: Contact

You get a text message or call that is supposedly from your mobile network provider. You are told that you are eligible for a SIM upgrade, and all you have to do is send a message to your provider and share the OTP or PIN that you receive.

2: Belief

Because you’re convinced that it’s real, you send the message and share the OTP or PIN.

3: Reality

The SIM swap was a fraud, and you lose all access to your number (including your phone signal). The scammer is now in control of your mobile number, and receives all your calls and texts.

4: Result

The scammer uses your banking OTPs to confirm account actions, allowing him to approve money transfers and subscriptions.

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