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SIM Swap case sample 3


Sample conversation:

  • Hello, good morning. I am Jasper, calling on behalf of xxx Telecom.
  • You may have heard that the company is doing a systems upgrade.
  • Unfortunately, the SIM you have right now is not compatible with the new system.
  • That’s why we will be providing a new SIM that is compatible, for free.
  • Just text “activate” to 2366.
  • We will send you a number password through text.
  • Just text the password to 09xx-xxxx and the new SIM will be delivered to you within 30 minutes.

Things to note:

  • Call from unregistered number
  • Caller introduces himself as a telecom employee.
  • Mention of network improvement to add a sense of legitimacy
  • Mention of needing the new SIM to continue the service to force the recipient to comply

Sample conversation was created to reflect a similar case.

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