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The sender’s message shows urgency and asks you to act immediately: “Warning! We detected some suspicious activity in your account. To prevent permanent deactivation, please reply within 24 hours.”

Hover the cursor over any suspicious links to see its address. Scammer uses unfamiliar website addresses that often have a series of numbers and/or letters.

Suspicious sender information such as no email signatures or contact information, or suspicious mobile number.

Request for personal information: Legitimate companies or organizations will never request for such sensitive information over text.

Grammatical or typographical errors: “Warning! We detacted some suspicious activities on your account and to prevent it be Permanent deactivated…. please replies on or before 24 hours.”

Clickbait headlines on social media platforms, banner ads, or articles that seem sensational or out of this world are often scams that lead to malware and other viruses.

Share a scam that you know and help fight cybercriminals!

Adapted from “The red flags that tell you an email, call, or text is a scam.” 

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